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Huevos Gourmet

Huevos Gourmet

2888 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1J2

Huevos Gourmet is proudly owned by Carlos Casillas and Gerardo Renteria. We are from the heart of Mexico, Guadalajara. Carlos is our food and beverage manager while Gerardo is our experienced chef specializing in Mexican culinary art. We have been living in Canada for 10 years and in that time Gerardo attended George Brown College to achieve his culinary diploma.

We have a Mexican and French aspect in food, drinks, and the backgrounds of our employees. In 2014 Carlos and Gerardo went to Paris to explore their traditions to culture the restaurant. We proudly opened Huevos Gourmet in June 2014, since then our business has flourished.

Huevos Gourmet is a brunch joint in New Toronto where the menu is an amalgamation of Mexican and French foods. Expect to find huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos listed alongside eggs Benedict and omelettes.

The best huevos rancheros in Toronto has the power to simultaneously wake up taste buds and tame hangovers. The Mexican breakfast standard will satisfy hunger pangs with a hearty base of eggs and beans, plus a delicious combination of spicy salsa, creamy guacamole and salty queso.

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