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Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens Conservatory is a historic landmark that lies in one of Toronto’s oldest parks. Nestled in between the streets of Carlton, Gerrard, Jarvis and Sherbourne is a elegant Victorian style glass domed greenhouse. The conservatory is actually 6 greenhouses in one which spans 16,000 square feet. It houses plants and flowers from all around the world, is kept at a consistently warm and humid state and is tended to by dedicated, helpful volunteers.


Gardeners, nature lovers, and anyone who can appreciate beauty will love it here. Truly a feast for the eyes with exotic plants, gorgeous flowers, a koi pond, turtles, and sculptures. It would be a crime to rush through it. You need at least an hour to see all the different varieties of flora and appreciate all the thoughtful details of its design. Plant yourself on a bench, take a minute to breath in the oxygen rich environment, look around and truly take in all its beauty.

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